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I am a professor, consultant, expert witness and speaker specializing in user experience, cybersecurity and privacy. This website is my consulting and expert blog, where I endeavor to offer insights on emergent cybersecurity and privacy threats and topics, as well as how to keep oneself safe from these threats. I offer a range of consulting, expert witnessing, and speaking services, but my offerings are flexible — please send me an email if you are interested in retaining my services. For 2021, I am on an academic leave of absence and have greater capacity.

I am a tenure-track faculty member at Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing and School of Cybersecurity and Privacy. Georgia Tech is ranked as one of the top 10 computer science programs in the country. Prior to joining Georgia Tech, I obtained my Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University — the #1 ranked computer science program in the country.

I have previously worked at a range of technology companies, including Facebook, Google and Microsoft. I have consulted for start-ups and large companies alike, generally focusing on user experience research and privacy by design. I am well experienced with the limitations and intricacies of working in industry.

My research — of which you can read more about on my academic website — centers on human-centered privacy and cybersecurity. This can include, for example, running interviews and surveys to understand problems users face in their day-to-day and long-term experiences with computing technologies, performing large-scale big data analyses and experiments (spanning terabytes of data) in order to understand high-level behavioral patterns, as well as building and evaluating systems that make it easy for people to keep their data and devices secure and private. I have raised over a million dollars in funding through the National Science Foundation, Facebook, Qualcomm, and the Department of Defense. My work has been recognized with awards by the NSA, USENIX, and the Association for Computing Machinery.

I have given talks at premier academic institutions (e.g., Stanford, Princeton, UW), as well as premier industry-focused conferences (e.g., RSAC and USENIX Enigma). My work and commentary have also been featured in the popular press — e.g., The Atlantic, The Financial Times, The Korea Times, and Vice.